Alcohol content: 30%

Hydrated alcohol, sugar, infusion of Sorrento lemon peel

A greater spread of this fruit occurred throughout the coast, as its properties favored the healing of scurvy, a disease due to C vitamin deficiency. Disposing of lemon fruits on their ships was crucial for the historically navigators Amalfi people; therefore the Republic of Amalfi decreed lemon fruits were compulsorily on board ships in the 11th century. From 1400 to 1800 there was a huge demand for Amalfi lemon fruits to fight against scurvy as it was very rich in C vitamin. The lemon fruits were been requested not only from Campania and other areas in Italy but also from foreign countries, especially from Northern Europe. In this regard, in the 19th century, Matteo Camera wrote “… from Minori (lemons) were transported by sea to other Italian markets, together with limoncello and cetrangoli …”, a term used to indicate bitter oranges. So along the coast, the lemon gardens grew over the centuries in number and breadth, thanks to the recovery of steep and impervious soils for agriculture.

Liquori Santo Spirito carefully selects the raw materials to be used in its recipes. This old-style liquor is obtained by the maceration of the peel of Sorrento IGP lemon fruits in alcohol. Sorrento lemon has a low acidity juice and an extraordinary quality of essential oils in the peel that gives body and aromas to Lemoncello. After careful processing and after at least one month of maturation, you obtain a liqueur with an authentic, intense and refreshing scent that evokes the emotions, the enchantment and the flavors of its lands.

The Lemoncello Santo Spirito has a strong aroma, intense taste, excellent to be enjoyed both as an aperitif and as a digestive after meals.