Alcohol content: 21%

Alcohol, sugar, sour cherries infusion, Montepulciano DOC of Abruzzo

The making and use of Ratafia are part of the centuries-old peasant tradition handed down from a generation to another. As reported by Alessio de Berardinis in “Memories on the way of manufacturing wines and liqueurs” (Teramo 1868): “… the name was given to it by the habit that once had the ambassadors of the belligerent powers when they used to treat peace by a pleasant table, to drink this liqueur and to pronounce those simple Latin words:” Pax rata fiat!” With the exceptions of these hypotheses, quite picturesque and imaginative, the liquor was used, more prosaically, to ratify the commercial agreements or the stipulation of notarial and legal acts at the end of the negotiations. In the tradition of Abruzzo they used to drink this delicious Rosolio after the stipulation of contracts, when the notary, to seal the agreement, pronounced the resolutive formula “Ratafiat” (“be decided”).

Ratafia was one of the main eighteenth and nineteenth century liqueurs. It is a liqueur known throughout Abruzzo, based on sour cherries and red wine obtained from Montepulciano grapes. It is traditionally produced by placing whole or pitted ripe sour cherries and sugar in glass containers exposed to the sun for around 30 days, in order to boost fermentation. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC wine is then added to the product obtained, leaving it to macerate and periodically shaked until it is ripened. The product is then filtered and bottled. Ratafia Santo Spirito is a refined and traditional liquor, with a sweet and pleasant taste, with 21% alcohol content. Its color is intense ruby red with subtle shades of violet and its distinctive aroma gives the nose off with aromas of wild berries with a predominance of black cherry. It is normally consumed young, to appreciate the greater freshness of the aromas. Its flavor is intense and confirms the aromas perceived in the nose, the sweetness is clearly perceptible from the outset and a pleasant sensation of velvety softness pervades the mouth, and the contrasting sourness of the sour cherries gives life to a perfect balance.